Hello friend! My name is Tim and I'm a photographer/videographer based in San Francisco, California. I love my Fujis, follow the church of M. Kondo, and am an avid wasabi lover.

I first got into photography back in 2015 when my brother gifted me a camera to document my travels through South East Asia. Since then my photography journey has been a winding road, taking me through street, travel, and portraits.

Filmmaking is a more recent passion. I love creating films that touch the heart, speaking to the experiences and personal stories of the people I work with. I want to make you feel the moment just as much as I do - be it an emotional speech or the energy on the dance floor. I aim to capture it all so you can relive the moment again and again.

Sou Sou Summer Wear Portrait
I've folded over 3000 origami cranes (1 set of 1000 was donated to the Hiroshima Memorial Park)
I'm one of two android users in my extended family, we're talking 30+ people
I've lived abroad in Japan for 4 years